Bob and Bongos

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A new era has begun in entertainment industry for Ethiopians with the opening of family entertainment center in Edna Mall. Ethiopians from all ages are having the most realistic game simulator experience.

Welcome to the bob & bongo’s fun place, our exclusive family entertainment center where every minute you spend is guaranteed to be filled with unlimited excitement, entertainments and exhilaration. Another FIRST for Ethiopia and exclusive to Edna mall.

Designed and equipped by our international consultant, Amusement services international, Bob and bongo’s is a indoor themed entertainment area that relives the fantastic friendship and adventures of BoB, our own Gelada Baboon with a funky twist, and BonGO, the spancy alen who crashed landed his paace craft in the forets of ethiopa and refuse to return to his cosmic home.

Boby Go Round the Carousel of spae Bounded on the Drop Towers ever tried the Bongos Baners Bumper cars or the boby Baboon adventure paly , why not Bonk around the lates t vvideo, arcade and redemption games and win exciting prizes, TODDLERS… WE HAVE YOU COVERED AT THE TINY Toucan Club

How about a by chance meeting with BoB and BonGO? See them , feel them, tourch them, dance with them, party with them…… you,you family and them!!!


Bull riding is an exciting rodeo sport machine, a rider getting on a crazy bull and attempting to stay mounted while the animal attempts to buck off the rider. The player simply ride on top of the Bull and hold tightly with the rope, once the game started, the Bull will move violently from up and down; left and right; rotate up to 360 degree. The player will reward bonus music if he still remain on the Bull at the end of the game. This crazy Bullfight simulator is really an entertaining strengthened amusement machine. It specially locates in Shipping mall, Amusement park etc.


Now the classic fun of bumper cars can be enjoyed every day! Bumping action triggers 7 fun sounds. Furniture-friendly bumper is safe on walls and furniture. Buy multiple cars for even more fun! As featured on the Today Show and the CBS Early Show! Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio 2010 Best Toy Platinum Award for Toddlers


Time to swap those ice skates for quads. Here’s where to roller-skate, whether you’re after fitness, fun or an excuse to wear bell-bottoms.


This is the most cost effective racing simulator that is placed on 2DOF platform for entry level. With the help of panel and simulation computer integrated on the simulator body, plug & play feature enables product to be easily operated without the need of an operator. Owing to the user friendly interface, the staff are not required to have axtra technical hardware knowledge. Playmotion SKY racing simulator that has multiplayer option up to 8 players is designed in complience with “Race Center” concept. The fast operation turnaround is provided with the special design that helps easy get – on / get – off.

List of Main Unique games at Bob & Bongo’s

1. Skating
2. 7D
3. Carousal
4. Jumping
5. Bull Ride
6. Bowling
7. Play motion Pro
8. Play motion sky r
9. Mini Rider
10. Basket
11. Blab a Booth
12. Sky Fox
13. Miami
14. Visual Sport
15. Real Shooting
16. Terminator
17. Sea Wolf
18. Quad Air
19. Swarm
20. Super Bike A & B
21. Deal or No Deal
22. Hummer
23. Terminator

Common Games/Services

  1. Bumper Car
  2. Play Stations
  3. Pool
  4. Face Paint
  5. Play Ground
  6. Basket ball
  7. Pump it up
  8. Joteni (Nevada football)
  9. Kiddy Air Hockey
  10. Ice ball/Basket fever
  11. Dream Rider
  12. Bling King
  13. Stacker
  14. King Hummer
  15. Fruit Ninja
  16. Operation Ghost


“Operate with exceptional entertainment service and continue on leading the market with the highest quality and standard of customer service that is scaled with technology and innovation by 2025. Edna Mall continue on building an integrated capacity and motivated employees and stockholders that are core to our service delivery”




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